Albert Tarn Institute

Teaching and Socio-Political Research in Liberty, Culture and Environment

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Albert Tarn in Walsall

The Albert Tarn Institute is dedicated to the memory of the nineteenth century Midlands activism of Albert Tarn - Huddersfield's nineteenth-century individualist and architect. The Albert Tarn Institute at Walsall aims to renew the ethos of Albert Tarn of Huddersfield to create an open and collaborative space for debate, discussion and learning on behalf of liberty and the environment within and between individuals of the various communities in Walsall. We embrace the ethos of Albert Tarn’s nineteenth century activism in the Midlands to address issues and problems facing individual liberty and the environment in the twenty-first century through collaborative relationships with those very persons. Walsall, with its strong commitment to anti-authoritarianism and central location in the Midlands, provides an ideal base for the Albert Tarn Institute.